Lundberg Propellers
is a family run business, which has earned an impeccable reputation for highest quality engineering of inboard boat propellers and related components, for four generations – that’s over 85 years!

"POWER BOAT & YACHTING article 1956"

Its humble beginnings were in Newtown, Sydney, in 1920 when Emil Lundberg, hand-built a skiff named Miss Florence and after many hours of preparation and design, came up with a propeller.

Emil’s mates were impressed and wanted to join in the fun so he built them a boat too, to race against of course, and from there the St. George Motor Boat Club at Sans Souci was formed. The Emil Lundberg Memorial race is held annually at the St. George Motor Boat Club, of which he was a founding member.

Emil’s son, Len Lundberg was also a pattern maker and was quick to add more variations to the basic propeller design as boating grew in popularity and began to evolve. Over the next 40 odd years Len developed quite a following of family boating enthusiasts and gained the respect of the industry at large. After attempting to retire at 60 years of age, Len was urged to re-think his retirement due to the constant demand for his expertise.

Len’s son Grant Lundberg, the current owner of Lundberg Propellers, has continued the tradition, adding many more of his own new designs to an already highly successful range of propellers.

As the variations to boating styles has developed, Grant has kept pace with demand for high performance and fuel efficient propellers for just about every boat you could ski, wakeboard and/or barefoot behind.

Grant has maintained a reputation for his high performance propellers in every application.

Apparently fourth generation in a family business is rare. However, Grant’s son Kurt Lundberg has obviously inherited the Lundberg family talent for propeller manufacture and is a valued member in the workshop, quickly gaining his own following of boaties. Kurt has a Mechanical Engineering education and is quick to pick up on the finer details necessary to create harmony between a boat and its motor and complete it with a finely tuned propeller.

Many have tried to copy the Lundberg range of propellers with limited success, soon realising that it takes a special something to consistently produce, and keep producing the best product on the market for what will prove to be closer to a century. We are proud to put our name on our products.

Watch this space for future generations…………………

Grant Lundberg


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